What Is The Hara?

The Hara Attitude

There is much benefit to reconnecting with the simplicity and directness of the hara. To begin to develop our center, it is essential to first find it. Asian bodyworks, such as Shiatsu, Thai massage and Insight Bodywork, are strongly oriented toward cultivation of this consolidated body center, as are internal development practices such as aikido, t’ai chi, qigong, yoga and various types of meditation.

Barry Kapke
Hara, Working from the Center (Massage and Bodywork Magazine)


Hara and hands-on healing

Hara is very important when practising hands-on healing on ourselves and others. It is the foundation of healing, for without it a very shallow form of healing is practiced. Why? Well, how can we heal others if we there is no connection to our own centre or true nature (hara)?

When, however, you have hara (this connection to your centre or true nature), hands-on healing becomes something entirely different. Placing your hands on someone connects to their hara, centre or true essence and healing takes place at a much deeper level.

Bronwen and Frans Stiene
The Deeper Meaning of Hara – Shibumi International Reiki Association